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Patient Reviews

    “I Feel At Ease”

    Going to the dentist always makes me feel a little anxious and my last visit was not great. That wasn’t the case here. Both Ms. Debbie and Dr. Harris made me feel relaxed and provided me with more information than I’ve ever gotten from the dentist. Everyone in the office was very nice and respectful. I feel at ease making my future appointment.

    - De'Aunduria
    “The Staff Is Absolutely Amazing”

    After years of neglecting going to the dentist they made me feel really comfortable. The staff is absolutely amazing. You’re instantly welcomed when you come in. The dentists are informative, friendly and attentive. They really know what they are doing and if you have questions they are always there. They have really taught me the importance of taking care of your mouth. Definitely recommend for all your dental needs.

    - Martine
    “Best Dental Service”

    Best dental service in Eastern N.C! The staff is great, appreciative and graciously serves its clients. Wouldn’t dream of going to another dental office!

    - Rondy
    “Completely Changed My Smile!”

    I had a successful delivery of a new crown yesterday and a filling behind my front tooth by Dr. Padgett. She and Shannon did a remarkable job and completely changed my smile!! 😁 Thank you ladies for the brilliant work that you do every day!!! 🙏🏼💖

    - Jody
    “Their Patient Care Is Excellent”

    I have been a patient of Bowman, Padgett and Associates for 10 years and I think that their patient care is excellent. They are up-to-date on all the latest advances in dentistry and are able to explain every procedure to me. Everyone of their staff is like family. I actually look forward to going to the dentist!

    - MaryLiz
    “Quick and Effective Dental Appointment”
    I was really pleased by the friendly and swift care that I received in your office. Your staff is very efficient and organized, and the dental procedures were explained clearly and were not painful in the least. The dental hygienist took great care in checking and cleaning my teeth, and she took time to ask me if I had any questions or concerns. All in all it was a great experience.
    - Mark
    “5 Stars!”
    I had a very pleasant experience...I felt the teeth cleaning was done thoroughly and professionally. Kim was exceptionally detailed in explaining the entire process as well as the overall health of my teeth.
    - Walter
    “Trustworthy Office And Staff”

    My experience was wonderful at Bowman, Padgett, and Associates. From the first phone call to exiting the building, I was treated nothing short of family. The office was immaculate and very professional. The staff was amazing from the way I was greeted to helping me get out to my truck (I was on crutches). Libby was very personable and the conversation was very informative. She educated me so much on hygiene and caring for my mouth. Dr. Bowman was wonderful as well. He was very personable and extremely honest with his assessment. I highly recommend this office if you want a trustworthy office and staff. I chose to come here out of the network for the reputation and the reviews I read online. It went above living up to the reviews. I will always recommend this office.

    - Matthew
    “A Pleasant Dental Experience”
    The staff was exceptional. I felt welcomed throughout my entire visit. There were too many wonderful people to name but my direct contact with Sue, Misty, Dr Bowman and Tracey, where phenomenal. My treatment was painless and affordable. I left this office educated about the importance of my dental health and hygiene and extremely confident that I had genuinely become a part of a caring family. I’m looking forward to my next visit Thank you so very much
    - Famosha
    “Clean Mouth and Good Spirits”
    As always Kim was very professional and made my visit fun. Dr Padgett also gets top marks for her knowledge and professionalism. I always leave with a very clean feeling mouth and in good spirits.
    - Joan
    “I Actually Am Looking Forward To My Next Dental Visit”

    I just had my very first visit at this dental establishment today and I was very happy and impressed! I have avoided going to the dentist for around 15 years because I am terrified of them but the people at this dental office put all those fears to rest! The ladies at the front desk were nice and friendly with big smiles for everyone who came in! Lauren was the wonderful associate who did my x-rays and my tooth and gum health evaluation today! She was kind, informative, patient, and gentle. I felt completely comfortable in her care and have complete faith and trust in her knowledge and skills as a dental worker! Everyone I encountered at this office was so nice and friendly! The receptionist at the end of the visit was super friendly and bubbly and was a joy to talk to! I actually am looking forward to my next dental visit and would highly recommend this great dental practice to anyone!

    - Rebecca
    Couldn't be happier with my dentist...and my dental assistant was amazing. From the front staff the the dentist...everyone was so kind... overall experience was wonderful, they took their time, we're so great about explaining everything and made me feel very comfortable. Healthcare in general now is so rushed and an "assembly line"...but not here....quality care....I couldn't be happier.
    - Allison
    “Unparalleled Attention”
    Over the past year I have had a lot of major dental work done, and I can't say enough good things about each of my visits and all of the work performed. The concern for my comfort and the attention to detailed is unparalleled.
    - John
    “Simply The Best”

    Hey, if you’re the kind of person who is shying away from fear to visit dentists, you are not alone.
    I have recently seen Bowman, Padgett and Associates. The entire staff and doctors are simply the best. They have state of the art technology for diagnostics. They have caring staff to see your every need. Even after my procedure, Dr. Bowman called my home to see how I was feeling. At Bowman, Padgett and Associates your more than a patient. You’re family!

    - Mark
    “Excellent Service”
    Misty is an excellent technician. It is always a pleasure to come and learn valuable information about teeth. Her cleaning of my teeth and expertise is invaluable., Thank you Misty.
    - Joann
    “They Genuinely Care About You”

    Great service and exceptional staff! I always appreciate the friendly and professional service I receive at each appointment. The staff is warm, friendly and extremely professional. It is so reassuring that they genuinely care about you and making sure you are taken care of! These days finding their level of service is unfortunately rare! I am thankful for Dr. Padgett. She had been such a great support to me as my dentist. Bowman & *Padgett is a 1st rate organization.

    - Yvonne
    “I Wish I Could Give Them More Than 5 Stars”

    New to the area and when I saw the reviews on this place I decided to give it a shot. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars tbh. I've had anxiety around dental work for many years because of bad experiences elsewhere. BPA felt like the equivalent of stopping in for a mani/pedi, no fuss no muss. Dr. Harris' bedside manner made me feel uber-comfortable. I never felt ANY pain and that's worth its weight in gold for me. Prices so reasonable, staff so wonderful, I feel like I won the lottery. Sarah, Shana, Cailin—ya'll rock. I could go on but needless to say, I'm not afraid of the dentist anymore and I'm so thankful I could cry. Thank you x a million!

    - Niki
    “One of the Best Anywhere”
    These are my thoughts and views and what I know. Dr. Bowman in my view is one of the best dentist anywhere. His task was to remove six jaw teeth at one time the procedure was done with no pain and even better no memory of it! At the end of the day Dr. Bowman called to check on things in my view that says a lot about the doctor and a lot about the man. Chris Hahn and Ann Gurganus are so professional and kind.If you want to feel like family and pain free dentistry give them a try. You will be glad you did. Thanks to each and everyone.
    - Graham
    “Can't Be Beat”
    I consistently experience excellent service at your facility. I changed to your office because of the convenience of having all my dental needs addressed in one facility: routine cleanings and exams, crowns, root canals, orthodontia... I have remained because of the excellence. I have seen 4 different hygienists and ALL of them execute with a degree of dedication, expertise and consistency which continues to impress me. Your administrative staff exhibits the same level of excellence in service delivery. You just can't be beat in my opinion. Keep doing and loving what you're doing and I'll keep referring!
    - Amanada
    “Very Professional”

    One of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had at a dental office. The receptionist was so nice and helped me finish the forms. I was taken back by Ann and we hit it off right from the start. She is awesome and talks to you like you’ve known her for years. Then Dr Davis came in and explained all the different options for me in a way I could understand. Very nice guy and very professional (as they all were). If anyone out there is looking for a dental experience that isn’t scary as you know what please try Drs Bowman and Padgett. I know you’ll be glad you did.

    - Patti