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  • Understanding Sleep Apnea
    The interruption of sleep due to airway obstruction and pauses in breathing is known as sleep apnea. This condition may lead to serious health issues. ...
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  • Causes of tooth erosion
    Tooth erosion is very common. It is reported in 34.1% of children and 31.8% of adults. Enam e l is the thin outer covering of the tooth. It is the ...
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  • Bad Breath
    Halitosis, known as bad breath, is a problem that affect a lot of people at any time without notice. Estimated 50% of people have PERSISTENT bad ...
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  • Symptoms and Treatment of Oral Cancer
    The tongue and the floor of the mouth are the most common area for oral cancer. If you use tobacco or alcohol, are over the age of 40, or you are a ...
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  • Cavity Proof Teeth- "Keep 32″
    Keep 32 was discovered by two scientists, Jose Cordova of Yale University and Erich Astudillo from the University of Chile. They named the molecule ...
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  • As we mature in dental years
    How can we maintain our teeth? 1. Use a electric toothbrush or a soft bristle toothbrush twice a day 2. Try using dental floss or a flossing aid every ...
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  • The Wand-computer controlled dental injection
    The Wand!! What is it? The Wand is a computer controlled local anesthesia delivery system which allows us to numb a single tooth. Many patients ...
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