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3D CT Scanner- New Technology


The Sirona Galileos 3D Dental Imaging System is a three dimensional x-ray view of the facial boney structures – which gives us at Drs Capps, Bowman & Padgett the most advance diagnostic information possible for a treatment plan that a 2D x ray ( regular x ray) can not provide. We are very excited about providing this new technology to our patients!!!! Implant Dentistry can definitely use this technology-the boney structures and tooth orientation are identified and placement of the dental implant and surgery decision is made much simpler. Example would be finding and locating the nerve inside the bone!!! I would want my dentist to have this technology if he/she was placing an implant in my jaw.

Other 3D indications would be: 1. Root Canals- detecting root fractures, root resorption, and root canal failure 2. Orthodontics-impacted teeth, tooth position for placement, jaw and roof of the mouth dimension 3. General dentistry-Patient consultation, gum disease, implants, extractions 4. Oral surgery- finding cysts, finding root tips that remain after extractions, fracture of boney areas