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Cosmetic Dentistry-Are You Ready


If you are happy with your Smile, don’t do Cosmetic Dentistry!! But ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are you happy with your smile?

2. When you smile, do you cover your mouth with your hands or do you have a mustache?

3. Do you have pictures taken from one particular side of your face?

4. Is your smile comparable to other people in your opinion?

5. How does your smile compare to models and movie stars?

6. Looking into the mirrors, do you see things that you don’t like about your smile?

7. Do you want whiter teeth?

8. Is your length of your teeth too long or short?

9. Do you see a lot of gum tissue when you smile?

10. Are the teeth too narrow or too wide?

11. Do you like the shape of your teeth?