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Closing the Gaps Between the Front Teeth with Bonding.

The space can be closed with a tooth colored filling that looks very natural. We will match the shade with our eyes and/or with a computer scanner. The average life expectancy is about 3 to 8 years. Touch up may be needed once a year. The procedure would take about one hour. You will need to avoid hard foods on the front teeth to avoid chipping. The tooth or teeth may also be thicker than natural teeth. Staining is the most common problem that patients may have with the procedure. This is a reversible procedure. No shots are necessary and little to no reduction of tooth structure is needed. Cost can vary from $250 to $400 dollars vs having a crown done which is very expensive. If you are interested in this procedure – give us a call at Cosmetic Dentist Greenville NC- Drs. Capps, Bowman & Padgett (252) 391-9333.