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How does a 3D CT Scan compare to radiation of other X-ray equipment?


The effective dose of radiation is significantly reduced by up to 90% or more when compared to medical conventional fan beam CT systems. In regard to the old dental x-rays system, it is80 -100 times less radiation. This new procedure is very quick and easy. The scanner rotates around the head 360 degrees for approximately 14 seconds. The x-ray is much more superior in quality. The image is sent directly to computer where it is place in the patient’s file. We will be able to discuss your treatment in the room with you with the image on the screen.

There are many advantages for this technology: 1. Very fast in scanning information 2. Image accuracy is a very clear 3. The image will have a less distorted image.

Remember —- this equipment is one of the lowest dose of radiation equipment that reduces exposure time to as little as 3- 6 seconds of radiation. Our cone beam scanner is one of only a few in dental practices in Pitt County at this time.