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How important is flouride treatment?


It is certainly important for infants and children between the ages of six months and sixteen years to be exposed to flouride. This is the time frame during which the primary and permanent teeth come in. Adults do benefit from flouride as well.

In addition, people with certain conditions may be at an increased risk to tooth decay and would therefore benefit from additional flouride treatment. They include the following:

1.Dry mouth condition- Caused by disease’s such as Sjogren’s, certain medications (antihistamines, anti-anxiety medications, high blood pressure medications), and head and neck radiation. These conditions cause a lack of saliva which makes it harder for food particles to be washed away and acids to be neutralized.

2. Gum Disease- also called Gingivitis, can expose more of your tooth and roots to bacteria, increasing the chance of tooth decay.

3. Crowns, bridges and braces- can put teeth at risk for decay at the point where the restoration meets the underlying tooth structure or around brackets of orthodontic appliances.

4. History of frequent cavities- If you have one cavity every year or every other year, you might benefit from additional flouride.