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Gingival graft- What is it?


A Gingival Graft is when a surgical procedure is done to move tissue over to cover an exposed tooth root. The reasons for gum grafting are: Excessive brushing over a period of time, gingival recession cause by gum disease, trauma due by an accident, grinding or clenching of teeth and malocclusion of teeth.

The reason to have this procedure done: stop gum recession on the tooth, prevent bone loss around the tooth, reduced sensitivity, improve cosmetic appearance and prevent cavities.

Additonal information: Gum recession and root exposure can make the tooth or teeth look longer than normal and the smile to appear toothy. Having a gum graft done will make the toothy tooth look normal again.

Types of gum grafting:

1.Free Gingival Graft- This is the most common grafting procedure done. A layer of tissue from the roof of the mouth is removed. Relocated or placed around the gum recession area that is affected by the recession. The surgical site will heal very quickly.The procedure is done when a patient needs additional tissue around the root surface to enlarge the gum surface.

2.Connective Tissue Graft-This is the most common procedure that is used to cover a root surface. We will remove a small flap of soft tissue from the roof of the mouth and place it to the area where tissue is needed to cover the root surface.

There are other types of grafting in dentistry; these are the most common.