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Options to Repair Posterior Teeth that are Broken.


Materials that you can pick from are the followings:

1. Composites- It is like a silver filling instead it is white in color- least expensive- One appointment- Last for several years- staining may occur with time

2. Gold or white crowns- It is stronger and last longer than a composite filings- very costly-Use mostly when there is not much tooth remaining to fill- staining does not occur- two appointments

3. Inlays/onlays- this is used when you have more tooth remaining instead of a crown- it is made of porcelain or gold- it covers part of the tooth not all of the tooth-more expensive than fillings- last longer the fillings-two appointments

4. Silver filling- not used as much this day and time- shortest life- silver in color- may weaken tooth with time- one appointment

We provide sedation if you need it!!!!