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What is Involved for a Smile Design Consult at our Office


The first stage of the smile design would be that you arrive at the office for a smile design consult. The first and the most important subject that we will discuss is what you want to have done!!! Usually, we ask you questions about what you want to change about your smile. The following questions are examples: 1.What are you dissatisfied with about your teeth? 2. Do you have missing teeth? 3. Do you have worn down teeth? 4. Do you have crooked teeth? 5. Is the shape your of teeth normal in appearance? (long, short ,wide, narrow, small, large, chip or crooked). As you can read, we get very detail about what you want to have done. After we understand your goals, we will outline a plan that you will understand.

The next step would be photographs and x-rays which would help us and the lab to fabricate the choice of material we will use. Then we will take impressions to create models and craft a blueprint for your custom design smile. We will meet after the doctors have discussed and planned a smile design for you. We will create temporary restorations that give you a chance to see what you will look like before the final restorations are completed. When we complete the treatment you will have natural looking crowns or veneers.