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LANAP- GumTreatment (Only FDA Approved)

In the old days before LANAP, gum surgery was painful and sensitive. The dentist used a scalpel to make an incision and scraped the tooth with an instrument to remove the plaque and tartar. In some cases, the dentist had to remove some bone around the tooth which is very uncomfortable. The treatment took several visits to complete. The gums were stitched and closed around the tooth and the recovery was very slow and sensitive. A lot of patients would start the procedures, but often would not continue and would delay the treatment due to the above reasons. The LANAP System target and remove only diseased gum. Periodontal Gum Therapy Greenville NC - (Drs. Capps, Bowman & Padgett) We are able to treat your gum disease without no post-operative pain and fewer side effects and no surgery with a scalpel! This is the only approved FDA laser equipment. We are the only dentist office in Pitt County to have this!