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Surgical placement of dental implant


After anesthetic has numb the area, we will make an incision in your gum and then drill a small hole your jawbone. The implant is fitted and will be left to fuse into the bone for a period of time (3 to 6 months) based on the type of treatment you are having. Implants can be done inone or two stages. We will discuss with you which stage we recommend before surgical procedure. We may attach an artificial tooth on the same day you have the implant. Usually, we fit a partial denture or a mouth-guard with the missing tooth added. The appointment time will vary on the number of implants you have done.

At the second stage, the implant is uncovered and impression is taken to make the crown.

For those patients concerned about surgical procedures, we would like to reassure you that implant placement using state of the art technology had minimal discomfort. Most of our patients report only taking ibuprofen after the procedure. The advancements made using technology allows precise placement eliminating almost all risks of complications. Also, sedation is offered if you want to be sedated.

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