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Migraine pain - One way to relieve it!!


The NTI device is an anterior bite stop, which is indicated for the prevention and treatment of bruxism, temporomandibular disorders, and headache. The bite splint may be justified when a reduction of jaw closer muscle activity (e.g. jaw clenching or tooth grinding) is desired or as an emergency device in patients with acute temporomandibular pain, possibly, restricted jaw opening.

Call us if you want to stop jaw and headache pain before it starts.

1. No Shots

2. No Surgery

3. No Pills

4. No side effects

You will feel fabulous when you wake up in the morning.

Come by and see us if you have:

1. Painful, aching jaws

2. Sore, sensitive teeth

3. Stiff neck

4. Tension headaches

5. Morning headaches

Remember if you suffer from these problems, come by for an appointment!!

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