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Best Bleaching Technique for Dark Stained Teeth!


Kor Whitening System is considered the number one system for whitening dark tetracycline stained teeth (Dark Teeth). KOR Whitening has two levels of whitening procedures: 1. home whitening system 2. office whitening system which is called KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching.

The in office system: We will take a mold of your mouth to create a custom- molded mouth tray which you will use with a whitening gel that provides several hours of active teeth whitening during your sleep. You will continue doing this at night for 2 to 6 weeks depending on your darkness of your teeth. Next step, you will have an office visit for one and half hour to complete the deep whitening system. A strong 34% Hydremide peroxide solution is used, while a 16% carbamide peroxide solution is used for the at home system.

The expense of this procedure is not the cheapest system around. If you want one of the whitest possible results, you will select this one. Also, we have other inexpensive bleaching systems in our office.