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How to Keep Your Dentures in Top Condition


To keep your new set of dentures in top condition, it is essential to follow a few guidelines. Doing so can help maintain your dental investment for a long time before you need to get a new replacement set. Taking care of your dentures can also help them stay in top condition and keep them functioning at their best. Dr. Robert Capps and Dr. Mark Bowman can offer you the best service and care for your dentures and your oral health. Here are some key recommendations from our dental care staff”

Take Your Dentures Off Before Bed

Before you go to bed each night, make sure you take your dentures out. Your gums need a rest each day from the pressure that comes with wearing dentures. If you sleep in your dentures, they could potentially begin harboring harmful bacteria, which could spread to your gums and mouth. Additionally, when you give your gums some time off from wearing dentures, you can avoid potential problems like mouth sores, gum irritation or jaw discomfort.

Avoid Harsh, Abrasive Cleaners

Next, we recommend using gentle solutions when cleaning your dentures. Washing your dentures after each meal is an effective strategy to keep them clean and free from debris. Make sure you use mild soaps and a soft toothbrush to keep your dentures in top condition between meals.

Soak Them in Water When You Rest

At night, it is also important to soak your dentures. Use a product designed for dentures and let them soak overnight to retain their moisture and shape. A nightly soak can also help kill off germs and keep your dentures lasting for many years.

If you are looking for a new set of dentures or a dental care provider who understands the challenges of those who wear dental appliances, call us today. Drs. Capps and Bowman are ready to provide more advice and assistance to help you put your oral health first.