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What is a Sleep Study for Snoring?


A sleep study is the only way that a person can be diagnosed for snoring and sleep apnea. An overnight sleep study or home study is how a test is performed. During the night, tests include an EKG (heart rate and rhythm is measured), EEG (measuring brain waves), EOG (chin and eye movements are measured), plus respiration is measured and other monitors are taken. Polysomnography is the medical term for this test. There is no pain or shots with this test – You just sleep the best you can.

The test will give the following information:

The Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI)-A person who scores between 5 to 15 is considered a mild obstructive sleep apnea, 15 to 30 is considered moderate and above 30 is considered severe case.

Remember, a home sleep study is a lot cheaper to have done versus a hospital or medical office sleep study. A home study is becoming the choice by most patients.