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Cracked Tooth


Signs of a cracked tooth:

1. When biting down you can have a painful sensation

2. Have pain that comes and goes.

3. You may have no pain at all

4. When eating and drinking you may have discomfort

What causes a cracked tooth to hurt? When a tooth is cracked and you bite down on the tooth with pressure the crack opens. When you release the biting pressure, the pain goes away.

What are indications that causes a cracked tooth to occur? Foods like hard candy, nuts, ice or any hard objects, an accident which causes a blow to the mouth, clenching or grinding your teeth, when root canal therapy is completed and weakens the tooth and when large fillings are placed.

Treatment options of a cracked tooth: Place a crown to support the tooth, root canal if the nerve is involved, extract the tooth if the crack is severe and the tooth cannot be saved.