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Duplicate your old denture to fit the same in a new denture!


A question that a lot of denture patients ask is: I like the fit of my denture/partial but I don’t like the appearance. Another dentist informed me that I can have a new denture made but cannot duplicate the exact fit. What can I do?

Over time your denture/partial teeth become worn down, stained, chipped, and just don’t look good, but the denture/partial fits comfortably. Good News!! We can duplicate the inside of the denture/partial that rests against your tissue. We send it to the lab where they will make a new denture/partial with the exact fit of your old denture/partial. The new denture/partial will have new teeth and acrylic base. Note!!! The denture will fit against the tissue like the old denture/partial.Therefore, you still have your old fitted denture/partial, but it is new and better looking.