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Dentist in Greenville NC Promoting Healthy Smiles and Bodies


The ability to confidently display a healthy looking, picture-perfect smile can often be enough of an incentive to encourage regular visits to your dentist in Greenville NC. Yet studies are showing that the benefits of maintaining good oral health extend well beyond just the teeth and gums. Research reveals there’s a link between the prevalence of gum disease, and the development of various chronic health conditions including diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart attack. Therefore, maintaining sound oral health also promotes a higher level of overall health and a more enjoyable quality of life. This can be accomplished through:

  • Brushing teeth properly every day, especially before going to bed at night.
  • Daily cleaning between teeth with floss or another interdental cleaner.
  • Bi-annual visits to the dentist for professional cleanings and thorough examinations of the entire mouth.

For individuals currently experiencing pain and discomfort due to jaw misalignment and TMJ issues, enduring various concerns associated with sleep apnea, or in need of assistance in addressing gum disease and infection, Dr. Capps also provides the following high-tech services:

  • TMJ and headache treatment.
  • Snoring & sleep apnea treatment.
  • LANAP—A non-surgical, state-of the-art gum therapy treatment utilizing precision lasers and minimal discomfort.

A healthy smile is the gift that keeps on giving — through confidence, smile-ability, and maintaining good overall health. For those who are apprehensive about pursuing dental treatment, consider sedation dentistry, changing the way patients view dentistry.