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Homecare of a Denture/Partial


Cleaning dentures or partials:

1. Clean your dentures over a sink filled with water, or place a damp cloth in the basin so that if you drop your dentures or partials they will not break against the sink basin.

2. Rinse them in cold or luke warm water (never hot) to remove any loose food particles that may have stuck to your dentures or partials.

3. Use a recommended denture or partial cleaner. Don’t use toothpaste, it can damage your dentures or partials.

4. Use a moistened denture brush to clean all the surfaces. Be careful not to brush too hard as this could lead to cracks.

5. Soak you dentures or partials in a suitable denture cleanser such as Efferdent, Polident or Fittydent secure denture cleanser for a minimum of 30 minutes. Soaking your denture or partials overnight is also acceptable practice.

6. It’s very important that you rinse your dentures completely in fresh running water.

7. Rinse with a suitable mouthwash when your dentures or partials are outside of your mouth at night and morning.

Note!!!! Do not use a bleaching product to clean your denture or partial. Do not use hot water to soak your denture or partial. Our patient’s denture and partial are cleaned each time you come in for a hygiene appointment for free.