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Need a Second Opinion? We Can Help!


If you were purchasing a new car, you wouldn’t just purchase it right on the spot because the salesman said, “This is the best car on the market!” You would research the model of the car and get opinions from people who have dealt with that specific car.

The same goes for your smile. If you are recommended a dental treatment, you may want to gain a second opinion from another dentist to reassure this is the right treatment for you. At Capps, Bowman, Padgett, and Associates, we provide first class treatment and dedication to all our patients to accurately decide the best treatments for all smiles.

We are more than happy to welcome you to our practice to offer our second opinion.

We are a highly experienced and caring team who strive on the same philosophy and goals to help our patients achieve phenomenal oral health.

Even our office caters to a serene environment to help you feel confident in your dental treatment. You’ll feel right at home with our patient-focused care and extras:

  • Warm blankets
  • Neck pillows
  • Music
  • iPod
  • TV
  • DVD player

We are always thinking of ways to make our patient visits even more comfortable. Our patients agree:

“The total experiences are great. Very friendly and professional from the time I walk into the building and sign in, to the exit. I have never been to another facility like this one.” – Debra T.

Thank you Debra for your kind words!

When you come in our office for a second opinion and experience our high-end patient care, you will forget you are at the office.

Whether you need a second opinion or are looking for a caring Greenville, NC, dentist, we will welcome you with open arms! Please contact today to schedule your appointment, and we look forward to meeting you.