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Infants have a lower chance of having a crossbite if they are breast-fed


Breast-feeding for the first six months of a infant is recommended by the World Organization. University of Sao Paulo City in Brazil did a research study about breast feeding with infants.

The Facts:

1. Crossbite decreased with longer breast feeding duration

2. Children that did not breast feed had 31.1% incidence of crossbite

3. Children that did breast feed for less than six months had 22.4% incidence of crossbite

4. Children that did breast feed between six to 12 months had 8.3% incidence of crossbite

5. Children that did breast feed for more than 12 months had 2.2% incidence of crossbite

Summary-Breast feed infants for at least 6 months to lower the incidence of crossbite.