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Exciting Research Shared by Dentists in Greenville NC

It’s not normal to have bleeding occur when brushing your teeth. Our Dentists in Greenville NC at Bowman, Padgett and Associates invite your reflection. Looking in the mirror, are your gums a healthy pink or swollen and red? Does it really matter?

Oh, it matters! Swollen red gums that bleed signal dangerous infectionsare running rampant that could complicate other health conditions, as well as a future that includes tooth loss! As we age, we are increasingly susceptible to diseased gums. Why is that?

Mike Curtis (Professor of Microbiology at Queen Mary University of London, Director of the Blizard Institute and lead on microbiological studies) shares a discovery. As we age, there’s a drop in our body’s level of a protein known as Del-1. This protein normally would restrain the immune system by stopping white blood cells from sticking to and attacking mouth tissue. The greater our age however, the less the body produces this protective protein, leaving you more susceptible to developing gum disease.

When the protein Del-1 was introduced as a treatment, the number of white blood cells dropped and gum disease and subsequent bone loss was reduced.

Researchers hope their findings will allow for introducing more Del-1 into such a person’s system, thereby reducing occurrences of gum disease and bone loss. The future is friendly, as they say.

Today we provide excellent care using our revolutionary LANAP treatment therapy to promote a return to healthy gums for those suffering various stages of gum disease. Not only can it save your teeth, but enhance your smile!