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How to prevent oral cancer and maintain a healthy mouth



List of ways to prevent oral cancer:

1. It is important to visit Drs. Capps, Bowman & Padgett for your regular visit, even if you wear dentures. This is especially important if you smoke and drink alcohol.

2. When brushing your teeth, look out for any changes in your mouth, report any red or white patches, or ulcers, that have not cleared up within three weeks.

3. When exposed to the sun, be sure to use a good protective sun screen, and put the correct type of barrier cream on your lips. Particularly one that contain SSPF.

4. A good diet, rich in vitamins A, C and E, provides protection against the development of mouth cancer. Plenty of fruit and vegetables help the body to protect itself, in general, from most cancers.

5. Cut down, or eliminate tobacco use and alcohol.

We offer an oral cancer screening at each hygiene visit!