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What problems can wisdom teeth cause?



1. Some soreness of the gum, which usually settles when the tooth is fully through

2. Some wisdom teeth erupt part of the way but lie against the tooth in front. A flap of gum might cover part of the wisdom tooth and this can become painful and swollen

3. An infection in the gum around the tooth might need to be treated before any further treatment is done

4. Some wisdom teeth become decayed and cannot be restored

5. Wisdom teeth teeth can cause damage to the surrounding tooth

6. If the upper wisdom teeth come through normally but the lower ones are impacted, the top ones overgrow and bite into the lower gums, which can be very uncomfortable

7. Wisdom teeth can have cysts or other lesions around or next to them

Dental x-ray will confirm the presence of one or more teeth that may need to be extracted.

What should I do if decide not to remove my wisdom teeth? If you see us and you decide against having you teeth extracted, be sure you brush and clean your teeth, especially your molars. Have us to examine you regularly and x-ray your molar teeth every year to prevent damage.

We have sedation and the skills to remove your wisdom teeth.