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Consumers score a "D" for knowledge of oral health


Reported by Karen Fox

In a national online survey of nearly 1,500 consumers, the ADA asked questions about oral health and hygiene. Score ranged from 85 % to 29 %. The score indicated that there is much room for improvement.

The findings:

1. Women scored higher then men by 4 %

2. Higher formal education equated to a higher score

3. 95 % understood what the definition of gingivitis is

4. 93 % knew that pregnant women should pay extra attention to their dental health

5. 92 % knew that denture wearers still need to visit the dentist

6. 83 % of households still participate in tooth fairy rewards

7. 85 % indicated that a good smile is extremely important for finding a job

8. 20 % have shied away from a social event because of problems with their teeth

9. 25 % knew when a child should have their first visit to a dentist

10. 19 % knew whether sugar causes cavities ( I was shocked by this number– My profession has a long way to go to educate consumers)