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Grapefruit juice and medicines don't always mix


Grapefruit has vitamin C and Potassium that is required for your body’s nutritional makeup. But some medicines are affected by grapefruit juice(it can interfere with the action of the drug). Shiew Mei Huang, Ph.D, the acting director of the Food and Drug Administration, says that“interaction can be dangerous”. Most drugs that interact with grapefruit juice, the juice increases the absorption of the drug into the blood. She said. “When there is a higher concentration of a drug, you tend to have more adverse events.”

Examples of some drugs interactions

1. Certain statin drugs - Zocor, Lipitor and Pravachol

2. Certain blood pressure-lowering drugs – Nifediac and Afeditab

3. Certain organ transplant rejection drugs – Sandimmune and Neoral

4. Certain anti-anxiety drugs – BuSpar

5. Certain antihistamines drugs – Allegra

“The FDA has required some prescription drugs to carry labels that warn against consuming grapefruit juice while using the drug”, Says Dr. Huang