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Ensure A Healthy Mouth With These Food Items


Periodontal disease is a common oral disease for about 80% adults throughout the country. And, their chances of suffering from life threatening diseases (heart disease, diabetes, stokes, and much more) significantly increase. Your dentists at Bowman, Padgett and Associates care about your health and wellness in Greenville, NC. Along with brushing, flossing, and seeing your doctors regularly, you can protect your gums by eating a healthy diet. Not sure what to include in your diet? Your dentists recommend you include these following foodie items:

Cheese: These goodies have low sugar and high calcium, which is great for your teeth’s enamel. In addition, a protein called casein is found in cheese groups making it extremely useful to mineralize the tooth’s surface.

Sugar-Free Gum: Keeping your teeth healthy can also be tasty. Sugar-free gum contains a useful ingredient that not only fights tooth decay; it can also reverse existing cavities. This ingredient is called xylitol, a natural sugar.

Celery: Your daily intake of veggies is good for teeth. But, celery is the key winner where it breaks down into fibrous strands, naturally cleaning your teeth.

Tap Water: It’s important to drink water with optimum levels of fluoride because it remineralizes teeth, protecting enamel, and reversing damage caused by acid.

Pears: Fresh fruits are another important daily intake, and pears are an especially good pick. It has a larger acid neutralizing effect on your teeth surfaces.

Yogurt (add some raisins): Yogurt contains vast amounts of casein, calcium, and phosphates, which remineralize the teeth. To get more out of your healthy eating habit, sprinkle some raisins because the antioxidants fight the growth of the bacteria that causes periodontal disease.

Sesame Oil: The sesame reduces plaque and helps protect tooth enamel.

Green tea: The catechins in natural green tea hamper the bacteria that cause gum disease.