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Cosmetic Valplast Partial w/o Metal Clasps


We offer a Valplast Flexible Partial in our office, in addition too the standard metal partial. The future of dentistry lies in metal free restorations. The Valplast partial is a great example of this technology. Fortunately, we have many options for replacing lost or extracted teeth – among them, implants, fixed bridges, removal partial and combination appliances.

Valplast partials are flexible, nylon thermoplastic material that is thinner and more translucent than traditional metal type partial. Patients love the metal free comfort and natural appearance. The partial snaps securely and comfortably into place around existing natural teeth and gums. Due to their composition, the Valplast partial are normally placed in hot water first thing in the morning for a few seconds and this makes the material soft and flexible. The material takes on the shape of the missing teeth and the gum in the mouth. Denture adhesive is usually not necessary for this type of material. NOTE: The material comes in three colors which allows us to better match your gum color!!!!!!


1. Comfort: thin, lightweight and flexible

2. Esthetic and biocompatible

3. No tissue or tooth preparation required

4. More durable than acrylic

5. Will not stain or absorb odor

6. No metal sensitivity