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Controlling Bleeding after Oral Surgery Procedures


To me this is one of the most important things that patient should remember!

Bleeding will occur and may last up to three days. Rinsing the mouth during this time, may dislodge the clot. This will result in a slower healing time. Use the gauze pads provided to you to place at the extraction sites. Bite down on them with firm and even pressure. This will help slow down the bleeding, remember don’t over do this because this may irritate the sites and remove the clot. The bleeding will gradually slow down with the pressure of the gauze. (Home Remedy) You can place a wet tea bag over the area and bite down with a little pressure for about 5 minutes. The tannin contained in tea will help with reducing the bleeding.

Due to the blood clots that form in the exposed sockets in the mouth, an odor may be noticeable for a short time after surgery. One to two weeks is normal for the odor to go away. We will give you a detail home list to assist you with any concerns.