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Pregnancy: Can dental treatment be done during this time?


Is it safe to have dental treatment when you are pregnant?

Healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies can safely receive oral health services throughout pregnancy without a consultation from their obstetric provider.

A consultation with an obstetric provider is prudent prior to providing dental treatment when a co-morbid condition exists.

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases, including necessary dental radiographs, fluoride and use of local anesthesia, are beneficial and can be undertaken with no additional fetal or maternal risk when compared to the risk of not providing care.

Communication between the obstetric provider and dentist may be helpful when proposed dental treatment is extensive or complicated.

Always check with your prenatal doctor first….

Reported by the Connecticut Health Foundation, and developed by the Connecticut State Dental Association with assistance from the Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians (2013).

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